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1. All rules are to be followed and respected.
If you see a Deviant of the group breaking one of these rules, please tell us ((Screenshot if in chatrooms)) over a note to either the ground or one of the Co-Founders.

2. No bullying, harassing, or hurting of any sort.
If you see a user of our group being bullied by another user, please report to us. Please try not to get too involved if involved at all, it will most likely escalate it. ((This does not include cats. If in a roleplay your cats are having a fight that's perfectly fine))

3. No starting cross clan fights.
As much as we understand that they are fun, it is just hard to keep up with and overall can turn out a huge mess. If a member gets bored they may just start one, and a lot more will happen. Trust me, I've seen it before. Little cross-clan scuffle are perfectly fine, just not full out clan to clan wars.

4. No 'Special-Powers' or 'Mary Sues'.
Special powers include flying, levitation, immortality, or things along those lines. While it may be fun for you, it takes away the fun for others in a roleplay, since your cat becomes basically invincible in most cases. Mary Sues as well are not allowed. Every cat has a flaw, whether it be large or small. They all have flaws.

5. No God-modding.
G-Modding is when you control somebody Else's cat without their permission, or just control it overall. Please, don't do it. What happens after your post is up to the other roleplayer, not you.

6. Please try to use the best grammar you can.
While I understand you may be knew, still try to use the best grammar you can, and please don't be offended if a fellow member tries to help you out or correct you a bit. But please no Grammar-Police..

7. You MUST red these rules and the Joining Rules before you Join!
It's for the benefit of our community. Once reading all of these, please put "I have read and agree to all rules" in your joining application.

8. If there is not anything up here you feel should be, drop us a note!
We want this group to be friendly for all, and we feel that with your help, we truly can make it a friendly community!
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Submitted on
August 4, 2012