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Joining Rules

1. How to Join.
When you first join, please send us a Join Request with your cats Name, Gender, Personality, Appearance, Rank, and Clan; alongside the special message in the rules. After that, you can send Join requests via note. Requests will be accepted by the Leader's of the groups, or by me if it takes more then three days.

2. Include the message in the rules.
It's only needed the first time you Join, because if we let you in, then you've included the message when you first joined. It is located in the rules.

3. Every cat needs a reference sheet.
It helps us with the master lists, and other users who want to draw your cat! All you need to do is fill out the reference sheet for your clan with your character's info, send it to us, and you're good!

4. No 'Special-Powers' or 'Mary Sues'.
Special powers include flying, levitation, immortality, or things along those lines. While it may be fun for you, it takes away the fun for others in a roleplay, since your cat becomes basically invincible in most cases. Mary Sues as well are not allowed. Every cat has a flaw, whether it be large or small. They all have flaws.

5. You can have up to 6 cats.
Since this group is just starting, you may have up to six cats in any clan for now. It will most likely be increased later! ^^

6. Please try to use the best grammar you can.
While I understand you may be knew, still try to use the best grammar you can, and please don't be offended if a fellow member tries to help you out or correct you a bit. But please no Grammar-Police..

7. You MUST red these rules and the Joining Rules before you Join!
It's for the benefit of our community. Once reading all of these, please put the message in the rules in your joining application.

8. You may not roleplay your cat before they are accepted.

9. If there is not anything up here you feel should be, drop us a note!
We want this group to be friendly for all, and we feel that with your help, we truly can make it a friendly community!
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Submitted on
August 4, 2012