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The Midnight Sun

The Midnyght Sun

Joining Rules

PLEASE read these before joining!

Welcome, to the land of the Midnight Sun, a strange territory in an undiscovered land, where creatures roam wild, free to do as they please.

Among these animals, some chose to form alliances, groups, or packs. We, the Cats of the Midnight Sun chose to form four clans, named after various times of the day or objects that represent them.

The tales of the Clan cats had been a tale we had hung onto since our birth, the first tale told be a supposed ancient Warrior of those Clans. He had told us the clans were long gone, destroyed, ans he told us that someday, they would be re birthed. We believed in these tales for a long time, the story being passes down through generations. We believed that it would be others to start it. When that same cat came back hundreds of years later, though' we knew that it was us, we were the new Clans.

"You have the worthy beginners of the four new clans," he whispered to us, "Find them."

So we did. We searched and searched, until four cats, the first four were found. Twilight, Sol, Lunar, and Eve, four cats of great wits, strength, and abilities that exceeded all of us.

We wondered if we were right, if we had chose the right ones. We sat there in the center of the four conflicting areas that we had settled in, and the Midnight Sun arose, a beautiful, blood red moon into the night sky.

The ancient Warriors circled around us all and told us, "You have found the four. These four, will be the beginning of a new era, a new legend. You will lead the four clans onwards from the grave, you will revive us."

And so, we did.

Welcome, one and all to The Midnyght Sun!

As you may be able to tell from above, we are a Warrior Cats roleplaying group based off of that storyline. Hundreds of years has passed since then, though.

The original leaders recreated the four clans and turned them into Twilightclan: The smart and cunning, Eveclan: The swift and brave, Lunarclan: The strong and cold, and Solclan: The honest and loyal.


To join, simply click 'Join Group' at the top with this info:

Cat Name:
Cat Gender:
Cat Appearance:
Cat Personality:
Cat Rank:
Cat Clan:

You must ALSO read the Rules and Join Rules, and include the message located in them in your FIRST join request. If you do not, your request will be declined.

Joining for all clans is CLOSED.


Twilightclan Masterlist

Eveclan Masterlist

Lunarclan Masterlist

Solclan Masterlist


Twilightclan Chatroom

Eveclan Chatroom

Lunarclan Chatroom

Solclan Chatroom

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About the group

The Midnyght Sun is a Warrior Cats roleplaying group for artists and roleplayers of all levels! We hope to grow strong as we grow older and more recognized, and we hope to devolop into a friendly and fun community~! :3


The ceremonies will be performed at least once a month, four times at the most to prevent overuse of blogs. They will be done by the leader of the clan unless said otherwise by the leader.

For your cat to become a mentor, they must be a Warrior and currently not have another apprentice or be in the nursery.

For your cat to become a Warrior from an apprentice, you must submit three pieces ((Art or writing, doesn't matter)) of them training. If their mentor is not active, then it can be of roleplays with others, not just normal chats though if you can avoid that, though! NO five minutes things, please. This group is to help you improve in your art as well.

For your cat to become an apprentice, you must have had them for at least two weeks, and you must have submitted at least three pieces ((Art or writing)) or them while they've been in the group. NO five minutes things, please. This group is to help you improve in your art as well.

Medicine Cat Apprentice
To become a Medicine Cat apprentice, there must be NO current Medicine Cat apprentice. You will have to note the group if you wish for your cat to become this position, and we will note the Medicine Cat. Please have decent grammar and knowledge on herbs. Again you must submit three pieces. ((Art or writing)).

Medicine Cat
To become Medicine cat, either note the group about it if there currently is no Medicine cat. To become Medicine cat from apprentice, you will have to complete the three tasks as said above.

For your cat to gain a mate, they MUST be a Warrior, and have the other person's approval.

For your cat to become a Queen they must have/had a mate that was confirmed. Both you and the mate's roleplayer need to agree on kits before you send this. Send a note to the group saying ___ and ____ would like to have kits. How many kits will they have? We will tell you how many they will have and how many live, and you may design them along with your mate's roleplayer. They must be based off of their parent's designs though.

For your cat to become an Elder, they must either be a senior or older Warrior, OR they must have had an injury that restrains them from being a Warrior. ((Longtail's Blindness, etc))

You must NOTE your Clan's LEADER or person put in charge for ceremonies!

Gathering's will be held once a month, usually on the last day of the month that is a weekend.
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